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All major plans plus VIP Concierge Customer Service Are you losing employer coverage or just shopping for a new health insurance plan? We can guide you through available plans to find the one that fits you and your family best. Please note that unless you can show proof for a qualifying life event, you can only enroll during the annual open enrollment period.

Qualifying life events may include:

 Losing existing health coverage, i.e. employer or student coverage

 Turning 26 and becoming ineligible for the parent’s plan

 Changes in household, i.e. getting married or having a baby

 Changes in residence, including moving to a different ZIP code

Did you know that there are new plans available here in California that don’t require a qualifying life event?

ANTHEM Health Insurance is coming back to California. Get free quotes!

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If you don’t qualify for Covered California based on your income, you may benefit from Medicaid. It is a federal public assistance program for people whose income and resources are insufficient to pay for health care or private insurance. All states have Medicaid programs, though eligibility levels and coverage benefits vary.

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